Big Delta October 2011

Big Delta reported a mean temperature of 28.4°F, which is far above the long-term mean temperature of 24.1°F for October. The high temperature of the month was observed on the 2nd at 54°F, while the minimum of -3°F occurred on the last day of the month. Precipitation totaled 0.19" water-equivalent, far below the normal of 0.80" for the month, lower even than Fairbanks both in the total amount as well as the deviation from normal. No new temperature or precipitation records were observed.

Fairbanks October 2011

In Fairbanks the average temperature was 28.9°F, a substantial (4.7°F) above October's long-term mean. This continues the above normal temperatures observed in September. The high temperature for the month was 57°F on the 2nd of October, while the lowest temperature of -2°F was observed on the last day of the month. Precipitation in October was 0.32" water equivalent, far below the expected value of 0.83". This deficit in precipitation can be also seen from the limited snowfall of 4.2" for the month, which is far below the mean value of 10.8".

Kodiak December 2011

Kodiak reported for December an average temperature of 28.4°F. The mean monthly temperature was 2.8°F below the long-term mean of 31.2°F. The maximum temperature of 47°F for the month occurred on the 2nd this represents a new absolute high for this specific day. The old record was 46°F from 1992. The daily record high temperature was matched on the 18th at 44.0°F. This ties 1985, 1969 and 1937. The lowest temperature happened on the last day of the month with ‑3°F. This day and on two previous days new record low temperatures were tied or broken.

King Salmon December 2011

King Salmon reported an average temperature of 17.6°F, below (deviation -1.0°F) the long-term mean of 18.6°F. The highest temperature in December was 51°F, recorded on the 3rd of December. This represents a new absolute high for this day. The previous record was 48°F set in 2002. On the following day a maximum temperature of 46°F was observed, surpassing the old record of 45°F by 1°F set in 2008. The low temperature of the month of -31°F occurred on the last day of December.

Nome December 2011

Nome reported a mean monthly temperature in December of 6.5°F, a negative deviation of 3.0°F from the long term mean. The warmest monthly temperature was 33°F, observed on the 7th and 8th, while the coldest temperature occurred on the 29th and 31st with values of -32°F. The daily temperatures were seasonally colder than normal, especially in the last 10 days of the month. Precipitation was above the expected range, totaling 2.15" the mean value for December is 1.08". Hence, twice the expected precipitation was recorded. Snowfall was 27.7", closing in on twice the norm of 14.5".


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