Nome December 2011

Nome reported a mean monthly temperature in December of 6.5°F, a negative deviation of 3.0°F from the long term mean. The warmest monthly temperature was 33°F, observed on the 7th and 8th, while the coldest temperature occurred on the 29th and 31st with values of -32°F. The daily temperatures were seasonally colder than normal, especially in the last 10 days of the month. Precipitation was above the expected range, totaling 2.15" the mean value for December is 1.08". Hence, twice the expected precipitation was recorded. Snowfall was 27.7", closing in on twice the norm of 14.5".

Barrow December 2011

Barrow reported an average temperature in December of -9.6°F, below the normal of -7.8°F. A maximum temperature of 6°F occurred on the 11th, and a minimum temperature of -30°F was observed on the 31st. Most of the month showed values close to the expected values and no new temperature extremes were observed during December. Precipitation in Barrow, which is low in Northern Alaska, totaled 0.60", more than 4 times the expected value of 0.14". A strong storm occurred on the 4th December, with average wind speeds above 30 mph, and gust exceeding 50 mph.

Ketchikan December 2011

Ketchikan's average temperature of 36.6°F in December was nearly identical with the November temperature of 36.4°F. However, in contrast to the previous month, when below seasonal temperatures were reported, the mean December temperature was by 1.3°F above the long-term average. The highest temperature of the month measured 49°F on the 19th, while the low temperature of 24°F occurred on the 7th of the month. The temperatures followed more closely the long-term mean than other stations in Alaska for this month and no new temperature extremes were observed.

Juneau December 2011

In Juneau, the average December temperature was 33.7°F, 3.8°F above the long-term mean of 29.9°F. The maximum temperatures for the month (44°F) occurred on the 5th and 22nd and the minimum temperature (18°F) was recorded on the 30th December. As for other stations in Alaska, December temperatures were warmer than the temperatures measured in November, and the monthly maximum and minimum were higher. No absolute high or low temperatures were observed. Precipitation totaled 7.45", 1.61" above the long-term mean of 5.84" for the month.

Anchorage December 2011

Anchorage recorded an average temperature of 23.0°F, an ample positive deviation of 4.4°F above the long term mean for December. The maximum temperature of the month occurred on the 4th and 18th with 45°F, while a minimum temperature of -2°F was observed on the 31st of the month. As November was seasonally substantially too cold, the mean monthly temperature was colder in November than in December. Further, December's maximum and minimum temperatures for December were higher than November. No absolute high or low temperatures were observed.


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