King Salmon November 2011

King Salmon reported an average temperature of 15.3°F, substantially below (deviation -7.6°F) the long-term mean of 22.9°F. The highest temperature of November was 44°F, recorded on the 3rd of November. The low temperature of -25°F occurred on the 26th. New record low temperature extremes were reported for the month, the first on the 23rd at -19°F, matching the old record for this day set in 2005.

Nome November 2011

Nome reported a mean monthly temperature in November of 7.4°F, a very strong negative deviation negative deviation of 9.5°F from the long term mean. The warmest monthly temperature was 36°F, observed on the 9th of November, while the coldest temperature occurred on the 27th and 29th of the month at -17°F. The temperatures were seasonally too cold for most of the month, especially in the later 2/3. Despite these unusually cold conditions, no new temperature extremes were observed during November.

Barrow November 2011

Barrow reported an average temperature in November of -0.2°F, below but relatively close to the normal of 0.7°F. A maximum temperature of 28°F occurred on the 1st, and a minimum temperature of -23°F was observed on the 23rd of November. Particularly during the middle of the month, seasonally above normal temperatures occurred. No new temperature extremes were observed during November. Precipitation in Barrow, which is low like all of Northern Alaska, totaled 0.23", very close to the normal of 0.21". This represents 7.9" of snow.

Ketchikan November 2011

Ketchikan's average temperature of 36.4°F in November was 2.0°F below the long-term mean. The highest temperature of the month measured 48°F on the 1st, while the low temperature of 23°F occurred on the 17th of the month. The temperature followed more closely the long-term mean than other stations in Alaska for November, and no new temperature extremes were observed. Monthly precipitation was measured at 18.24", somewhat above the expected amount of 16.63". The highest daily precipitation occurred on the 1st with 2.93".

Juneau November 2011

In Juneau, the average November temperature was 29.7°F, 3.7°F below the long-term mean of 33.4°F. The maximum temperatures for the month (43°F) occurred on the 1st and the minimum temperature (7°F) was recorded on the 20th November. Precipitation totaled 7.68", 1.69" above the long-term mean. Due to the colder temperatures, a higher percentage of the precipitation fell as snow, and a total of 50.2" were measured, more than 3 times the average amount. On the 5th November, 5.3" were recorded at the airport, smashing the old record of 1.0" set in 1984.


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