Anchorage November 2011

Anchorage recorded an average temperature of 14.0°F, a substantial negative deviation of 8.2°F below the long term mean for November. The maximum temperature of the month occurred on the 1st and 2nd November with 33°F, while a minimum temperature of -8°F was observed on the 19th of the month. This represents a new record for this day. The old record was -7°F set in 1963. Precipitation was reported at 2.32", exactly double the normal value of 1.16". Further, 32.4" fell as snow during the month, 19.30" above the normal snowfall.

Big Delta November 2011

Big Delta, some 100 miles from Fairbanks and also in Interior Alaska, had a similar, but even slightly larger (-11.2°F) negative deviation from the long-term mean. Big Delta reported a mean temperature of -4.9°F, very, very cold for November. Normally the winter temperature for this area is slightly higher than Fairbanks, as it is closer to the Alaska Range hence, the "F&oumlhn" is more pronounced. The warmest temperature of the month was 22°F on the 30th. As in Fairbanks, the middle of the month was especially cold.

Fairbanks November 2011

In Fairbanks the average temperature was -8.2°F, a very substantial negative deviation (-10.8°F) from the November's long term mean. This discontinues the above normal temperatures that had been observed in September and October. The high temperature for the month was 25°F on the 4th of November, while the lowest temperature occurred on the 17th with a low of -41°F. Remarkable was the cold spell from the 15th to the 22nd November with low temperatures daily of -35°F or below. Six days of the week set new daily record lows.

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