2016 Annual Statewide Summary Available

Our statewide summary for Alaska in 2016 is now available here.

January 2017 Gridded Departure Map






A new product providing the temperature deviation across Alaska, along with highlights for individual highs and lows for the state.

January 2017 Statewide Summary Available

Our Statewide Summary for January 2017 is now available. After fifteen months in a row with mean statewide temperatures above normal, January 2017 hit the mean monthly normal for January... Read More

January 2017 Cities Summary Available

Our Nine Cities Summary for January 2017 is now available here.

Autumn 2016 Climate Summary Available

We have recently added a new type of Climate Summary to our website, covering the climate of a season for Alaska. Our first one is for Autumn 2016.

It can be seen that Alaska had temperatures noticeably warmer than normal (i.e. positive deviation). All first order stations except Gulkana (-1.2°F) reported above normal temperatures... Read more


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