March 2013 Statewide Summary

In contrast to the beginning of this year, which observed mostly above normal temperatures, March 2013 was colder than normal.

February 2013 Statewide Summary

Warmer than normal temperature from January continued across much of the state for February 2013...

January 2013 Statewide Summary

In a complete reversal from December 2012, January 2013 temperatures were decidedly above normal across the entire state with all twenty first order stations reporting above expected mean temperatures...

2013 Annual Statewide Summary

The Climate of Alaska for 2013


December 2012 Statewide Summary

Much like November, colder than normal temperatures were the norm for Alaska, with all twenty first-order stations reporting temperatures below the expected values.

November 2012 Statewide Summary

Colder than normal temperatures settled in across most of Alaska throughout much of November.

October 2012 Statewide Summary

Colder than normal temperatures dominated much of the state this October; this was especially true in the latter half of the month.

September 2012 Statewide Summary

Repeated early autumn storms pounded Southcentral Alaska in September, bringing high winds and rain to the region that resulted in wind damage and flooding.

August 2012 Statewide Summary

Below normal temperatures settled across most of Alaska for August.

July 2012 Statewide Summary

Nearly universally below normal temperatures developed across most of Alaska for July.

June 2012 Statewide Summary

A mix of high and low temperatures and precipitation across Alaska marked June 2012.

May 2012 Statewide Summary

In contrast to April, a month that recorded above normal temperatures, May 2012 was seasonably too cold.

April 2012 Statewide Summary

In contrast to March, which recorded below normal temperatures, April 2012 was seasonably too warm.