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Date on the PC 07/04/15
Time on the PC 5:14a

Date on the Station 04/14/15
Time on the Station 8:53a

Sunrise time 5:20a
Sunset time 8:25p

Inside temperature 74.9 F
High inside Temperature 76.2 F
Low inside Temperature 74.9 F
Time of High inside Temperature 2:35a
Time of Low inside Temperature 8:53a
High monthly inside Temperature 79.1 F
Low monthly inside Temperature 72.9 F
High yearly inside Temperature 82.2 F
Low yearly inside Temperature 61.8 F

Outside Temperature 54.4 F
High outside Temperature 72.1 F
Low outside Temperature 52.2 F
Time of High outside Temperature 12:02a
Time of Low outside Temperature 8:21a
High monthly outside Temperature 80.5 F
Low monthly outside Temperature 46.1 F
High yearly outside Temperature 86.7 F
Low yearly outside Temperature 15.7 F

Inside humidity 54 %
High inside humidity 57 %
Low inside humidity 51 %
High inside humidity time 3:16a
Low inside humidity time 12:00a
High monthly inside humidity 68 %
Low monthly inside humidity 46 %
High yearly inside humidity 100 %
Low yearly inside humidity 30 %

Outside humidity 64 %
Low humidity 32 %
High humidity 74 %
Time of Low hum 12:02a
Time of High hum 8:22a
High monthly humidity 99 %
Low monthly humidity 22 %
High yearly humidity 99 %
Low yearly humidity 7 %

Barometer 30.057 in
Low barometer 30.046 in
High barometer 30.068 in
Time of low barometer time 12:14a
Time of High barometer time 2:59a
Low monthly barometer 29.554 in
High monthly barometer 30.113 in
Low yearly barometer 28.926 in
High yearly barometer 30.580 in

Wind speed 5.0 mph
10 minute average wind speed 6.0 mph
High wind speed 11.0 mph
Time of High wind speed 8:29a
High monthly wind speed 21.0 mph
High yearly wind speed 44.0 mph

Wind direction in degrees 106
Wind direction sector ESE

Wind chill 52.9 F
Low wind chill 50.0 F
Time of Low wind chill 8:14a
Low monthly wind chill 46.0 F
Low yearly wind chill 7.0 F

Total rain 13.45 in
Daily rain 0.00 in

Monthly rain 0.93 in
Storm rain 0.00 in
Rain rate 0.00 in/hr
High rain rate 0.00 in/hr
Time of High rain rate ----
High rain rate hour 0.00 in/hr
High monthly rain rate 0.57 in/hr
High yearly rain rate 1.20 in/hr

Daily et 0.014 in
Monthly et 1.204 in
Yearly et 9.934 in

Solar radiation 55 W/m
High solar rad 178 W/m
Time of High solar rad 12:00a
High monthly solar rad 769 W/m
High yearly solar rad 890 W/m

Uv 1.8 index
High uv 1.8 index
Time of High uv 7:42a
High monthly uv 5.2 index
High yearly uv 11.6 index

Outside dew point 42.5 F
High dew point 48.0 F
Low dew point 39.0 F
Time of High dew point 2:30a
Time of Low dew point 12:37a
High monthly dew point 58.0 F
Low monthly dew point 34.0 F
High yearly dew point 58.0 F
Low yearly dew point -3.0 F

Inside dew point 57.1 F

Outside heat index 53.4 F
High heat index 70.0 F
Time of High heat index 12:02a
High monthly heat index 80.0 F
High yearly heat index 83.0 F

High thsw index 70.0 F
Time of High thsw index 12:02a
High monthly thsw index 87.0 F
High yearly thsw index 89.0 F

inside heat index 75.3 F

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Last reviewed or update: July 04, 2015